Coffee 101 What to Order When You Need a Caffeine Fix - Cafe in Springfield Missouri

Coffee 101: What to Order When You Need a Caffeine Fix – Cafe in Springfield Missouri

If you’re a coffee shop regular, you’ve likely heard baristas spouting off coffee terminology left and right. From Americanos and espressos to flat whites and flavored mochas, coffee vernacular can be confusing – especially if you’re new to the bean scene. Read our comprehensive guide to the most common coffee drinks.

Drip Coffee

Drip coffee is the most basic staple in coffee culture – it’s what you drink at a diner, at the office and, most likely, from your home coffee-maker. Drip coffee is brewed by pouring hot water over roasted, ground coffee beans, which are usually enclosed in a filter. Drip coffee usually requires different beans than espresso, which often requires blends of multiple coffee origins. The fineness of coffee grinds can also determine whether it’s suited for drip coffee or espresso. Those everyday coffee grinds you pick up at the store? They’re perfect for drip coffee.


If you’re looking for a coffee drink that packs a punch, espresso is for you. Espresso is usually served on a smaller scale – around an ounce of coffee makes up one espresso “shot.” The result is a strong, flavorful burst of coffee that’s meant to be consumed quickly while it’s hot.


An Americano is made with a double shot of espresso and a splash of fresh, hot water. The addition of the water doesn’t dilute the bold coffee taste, but it does take the edge off for espresso newbies. It’s also served in a slightly larger vehicle than teeny-tiny espresso cups.


When you think of a cafe latté, you may picture the frothy, sugary drinks that a lot of larger coffee chains serve. Although a latté can hold up very well to tasty flavor shots like vanilla, a standard latté isn’t sweet. The drink is made with one-third espresso and two-thirds hot milk, with a thin layer of foam on top. You can, however, also enjoy a latté with a pump or two of sweet flavoring – like the B2 Cafe chai latté, which is one of our favorite fall and winter drinks. We also offer a variety of specialty coffee drinks including the Andes Mint, which features frosted mint, dark chocolate and vanilla against a delicious espresso profile. Check out our full latté menu online.

Café au Lait

Unlike a latté, this creamy concoction is made with brewed coffee, not espresso. A traditional café au lait is half brewed coffee and half warmed milk, which cuts the coffee taste and adds a delicious, creamy flavor with a hint of natural sweetness.


Cappuccinos are slightly less milky and slightly more foamy than lattés. A classic cappuccino is made with one-third espresso, one-third steamed milk and one-third foam. That combination gives the beverage a glassy, smooth, creamy finish with a thick, indulgent texture.


Mochas are the most indulgent item on a typical coffee menu, combining one-third espresso, one-sixth cocoa or chocolate, one-third milk, and one-sixth foam. It’s a great option for new coffee drinkers or guests who might be looking for something thick, creamy and sweet.

Getting into the swing of your fall schedule can be tough. At B2 Cafe in Springfield Missouri, we have the coffee you need to make it through your morning. You can even add a sugar-free flavor shot to your drink if you’re watching your sugar intake. Check out the rest of our cafe menu here, or give us a call at 417-883-5748 with any questions.