B2 Now Offers Free Purified Water – Restaurants in Springfield MO


B2 Filtered Water Cooler - Restaurants in Springfield MOWith the recent controversy surrounding the tainted water supply in Flint Michigan, more people are taking a closer look at the water they drink. Everyone knows the human body is made up mostly of water and it’s always a struggle getting our daily fill. It’s easier to stay hydrated when the water is cold, tastes great and you can be confident that the water you drink is free of any harmful chemicals.

Some have turned to individually packaged bottled water to avoid concerns from drinking tap water, but there are environmental concerns that come from producing all that plastic. Since our customers at B2 Cafe are more active, they need more water. And because they are more health conscious and care about what they put in their bodies, we’ve decided to invest in distilled water from the Chesapeake Valley Water Company in Ozark, Missouri to provide purified water at no charge to the customers in our restaurant.

B2 Cafe has become a haven for the exercise and health conscious population within Springfield, MO because of our healthy menu options and so offering free distilled water along with our healthy food was a natural extension of giving our customers not only what they want, but also what they need.

We are proud to support another local business like The Chesapeake Valley Water Company because their distilled water is treated, turned into steam and then back into water. This process allows their water to be free of chemicals and other properties that should not be in your drinking water. While most people believe that filtered water is clean and pure, that is not always the case because of minerals and chemicals being left behind, which is why we’re offering purified distilled water to our customers.

After seeing the effects of poor water filtration, we’ve decided to provide our loyal patrons free distilled water. With B2’s location off the Galloway Creek Greenway just down the street from Sequiota Park, our customers who live an active lifestyle can now enjoy a healthy meal, along with our options of smoothies and coffee, as well as distilled cold water.