B2 Cold Beverages Menu

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B2 Fresh Blend Beverages Juices

Bugs Bunny 4.99
Carrot, apple, orange and lemon
Walk In The Park 4.99
Apple, lemon, cucumber and kale
Ginger Snap 4.99
Apple, celery, lemon and ginger

Upgrade to 20oz for 1.50 extra

B2 Lunch and Dinner Specials

Trail Mix 5.99
Cacao, almond milk, banana,
peanut butter and granola
Morning Stretch 5.99
Carrot, apple, ginger juice, pineapple and yogurt
The Green Way 5.99
Pineapple, banana, soy milk and spinach
The 5K 5.99
Strawberry, pineapple, banana, orange juice,
yogurt and protein powder

B2 Power Smoothies

Bear Hug 6.99
Cold brew, cocoa, banana, almond butter,
protein powder and almond milk
The Meadow 6.99
Spinach, kale, pineapple, chia, cinnamon,
squeeze of lemon, protein powder and almond milk
Superfood 6.99
Avacado, spinach, chia, blueberries,
pineapple and soy milk

B2 Fruit Smoothies

(Made with 100% whole fruit)
Maddy’s Mango 4.99
Mango, pineapple, orange juice,
banana and yogurt
Peyton’s Pineapple Orange 4.99
Pineapple, banana and orange juice
Chocolate Banana 4.99
Banana, chocolate,
almond milk and ice
Brett’s Berry 4.99
Blueberry, banana, strawberry,
almond milk and agave

B2 Kids Smoothies

Chocolate Banana 3.99 Strawberry 3.99 Pineapple 3.99

B2 Other Beverages

Flavored Teas
Assorted Sodas
Coconut Water

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